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There are a number of ways you can stay current on Adoptive Families of the Capital Region events and support AFCR.  Below is information on AFCR’s membership, email lists,Twitter account , Facebook and volunteer opportunities.


For the Adoptive Families of the Capital Region to host workshops and social events open to the general public it needs the financial support of membership dues. Membership dues pay for AFCR’s expenses: room rental fees, insurance, website, voice mail, post office box and other expenses. Benefits of AFCR membership include AFCR members receiving a quarterly newsletter (via email) and discounted admission to some social events.  The newsletter includes not only information on AFCR events but adoption news and book reviews. To ensure delivery of the newsletter please add AFCRgroup@aol.com to your email contacts/address book.

Please consider supporting AFCR with a membership. Family membership is $20 a year and professional membership is $40 a year. Click here for a membership form.


Individuals can stay current with AFCR events, adoption activities in the Capital Region, adoption training, and adoption advocacy alerts by joining AFCR’s email lists. There are two email lists – individuals list and professionals list. Those on the individual lists will receive information on AFCR events, adoption alerts, advocacy information, and adoption & cultural events in the Capital Region.  The professional email list is used more infrequently and only announces AFCR workshops and adoption training. The list is limited to professionals and is not used for all AFCR news. If you would like to have your name added to either list email AFCR     

Include your name and email address and which email list you would like to be added to.  To ensure delivery of AFCR emails please add AFCRgroup@aol.com to your email contacts.


AFCR is new to Twitter & it hopes to share AFCR news via Twitter.
To follow AFCR on Twitter visit http://twitter.com/AFCR518

All AFCR membership information and email list information is for AFCR use only. AFCR will never give your information to another organization or individual. Your information will always be kept confidential.


AFCR is run exclusively through the generosity and dedication of our volunteers.  Volunteers get together at 3 AFCR administration meetings a year to plan events and discuss AFCR administration issues. AFCR needs the support of volunteers to organize programs, membership, marketing, newsletter, website and other activities.  AFCR is flexible with its schedule and programs to reflect the interests of its members. If you would like to become involved email AFCR

or call AFCR at 518-763-8019.  You can also check the event calendar to learn when the next administrative meeting is being held. Please join the wonderful volunteers that make AFCR a great place to volunteer.

Follow AFCR on Facebook.

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